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Innovcare is a system that aims to provide a support system for older adults in order to prolong their autonomy, improve their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, prevent dependance and facilitate networks to support self care. By applying technology in such a way, it will support you at home. 

Care Watch will be connected to the InnovCare platform and in that way function as an alert and monitoring tool. In case of emergency, help will always be close by. On the other hand, by monitoring certain health parameters, in the long run, early detection and warning is made possible. In this way InnovCare aims to support in a non intrusive, but supportive way.


Alerts: drop down detection, heart beat irregularities, temperature rise or fall. Those situations can trigger an alarm and warning message to the connected healthcare professional or relatives and establish a live speech connection.

Reminders: medicine intake, relative's birthdays, appointments, activity calendar.

Long term monitoring: mental and physical wellbeing based on data from the Care Watch. 

International collaboration

InnovCare is an AAL (Ambient Assisted Living) project, supported and cofinanced by the European Commission. In an international consortium with partners from different countries we work together to realize InnovCare.

Join the pilots! 

in Norway, The Netherlands and Israel

Important part of the project are the pilots among real users. Pilots will be set up in 3 different countries: The Netherlands, Israel and Norway. For the pilots we are looking for people that are interested in testing the InnovCare system, including Care Watch. The participants will be supplied with the equipment and supported during the trials. Are you interested? Please contact us for further information! We are looking for users, as well as professional caregivers (private clinics, general practicioners) to work with the system. 

Contacts for joining pilots in your country



Oslo, Norway

+47 22 42 96 26


Life on Key

Tel Aviv, Israel

+972 9 956 75 77

The Netherlands

Kempen Life

Eersel, The Netherlands

088 -3100400

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